What will you do in:

1 week: We will ask admin for some time to work on website. sms

1 month: Working w/ staff members, we will construct an interactive library/information center website. sms
Present Library Cloud concept at Large Group PLC meeting. Go into classrooms and share with students resources available now. SCS

3 months:
We will have a fully functioning web site with links to resources for student research. We will set up subscriptions with online database companies. SCS

by the October ILA Meeting:
The Library Cloud will be fully intergrated into classrooms with lessons for students on how to use the resources. The Library Cloud will be the portal for all computers in the school. SCS

webspace/virtual space: "6 months is too long- sooner!"

physical space: buying furniture next week- SCS



student resources: Students create trailers. Students blog responses.

technology tools:


creativity & communication: Check filters w/in LPOSD. Teachers may want to open filters. Is there a place for people to blog? Learn how to time mange to include blogging.

information literacy/skills & management:

digital & global citizenship:

equity & access:

assessment & integration: review policies