Top Priorities

inservice training
curric. resources
money $$$
responsible. use of new tools
how to keep up with tech
digital immigrant / digital native issues(we're so far behind the kids)
We are the learners on tech.
Get down to the kids' level
Ask them to teach us.
Commit to learning it!!
Learn to change, Change to Learn
Wired children and unwired parents

Top Concerns Protection - Internet Safety Implementation (connected to the time issue) Funding and resources Stay engaged in valuing education, family disintegration and its effects

drop out rates

achievement gap

#1 Issue

If we don't have full staff buy in, it will go nowhere.
Staff AND community (parents, community folks etc.).

Buy in and excitement.
To capture the vision.

Flip Video Footage of "Making the case for 21st Century Learning"

Essential Messages

The goal of the CdA Model: "What would you have Idaho be known for?"